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The ABMAR Charter and Control Message

From Fri Jun 22 08:51:37 2001
From: (Keikai)
Newsgroups: alt.test,alt.config
Subject: Cmsg newgroup alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.repost
Control: newgroup alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.repost
Date: 22 Jun 2001 15:07:22 GMT
Lines: 87
Approved: Keikai
Message-ID: <90C873693keikaiujaponesscom@>
Summary: Proposed to alt.config June 9, 2001, properly named and placed, some resistance to repost groups in general, no other unresolved issues.
Keywords: anime, multimedia, repost, fill, repack, video, mpg, avi, rm, asf, wmv
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For your newsgroups file:
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.repost      Reposts of anime-related media.

This newsgroup is for posting of any binary type multimedia files that have previously been posted to one of the anime multimedia binary newsgroups (i.e. alt.binaries.multimedia.anime, alt.binaries.anime, alt.binaries.anime.vcd, et al.), as well as binary type multimedia files that are different versions, but with the same or similar content, as those previously posted files. This includes full reposts, partial reposts (otherwise known as fills), and "repacks", which are full reposts of a media file that has been re-archived into archive parts that are not compatible with an existing set of archive parts from a previous post. Anime is a term used for animation from Japan or animation in the style of Japanese animation.

Hentai (erotica), non-video binaries (pictures, mp3s), unmarked off-topic materials, advertising (spam), excessive posting, cancel attacks, virus infected binaries, html-encoded postings, and abusive cross postings are prohibited. Non-binary posts that relate to posted binaries, requests and discussion of the newsgroup are considered on-topic for the newsgroup.

The purpose of this newsgroup is twofold. First, it is to unload anime media traffic from alt.binaries.multimedia.repost. Second, it is to reduce the overall anime fill, repost and repack traffic by centralizing all such posts in one location instead of over five or more newsgroups. This will allow for more careful and complete monitoring of repost activities in order to reduce redundant reposts. Crossposting between a.b.m.a.r and a.b.m.r will be reduced as more news administrators adopt a.b.m.a.r and will be discouraged in the future once a.b.m.a.r is widely adopted.

There has been regular posting to alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.repost as a widely subscribed rouge group since alt.binaries.multimedia.repost became too busy to be an effective repost group. This control message is suggested to promote a.b.m.a.r's acceptance on news servers with strict guidelines for newsgroup addition.

The three major newsgroups that use a.b.m.a.r for reposts are alt.binaries.multimedia.anime, alt.binaries.anime, and alt.binaries.anime.vcd. Below is data for on-topic repost, fill, or repack binaries posted to these groups:

06/03/2001 - 81 archive parts | 06/12/2001 - 159 archive parts
06/04/2001 - 38 archive parts | 06/13/2001 - 110 archive parts
06/05/2001 - 36 archive parts | 06/14/2001 - 117 archive parts
06/06/2001 - 85 archive parts | 06/15/2001 - 120 archive parts
06/07/2001 - 62 archive parts | 06/16/2001 - 128 archive parts
06/08/2001 - 283 archive parts | 06/17/2001 - 162 archive parts
06/09/2001 - 94 archive parts | 06/18/2001 - 110 archive parts
06/10/2001 - 230 archive parts | 06/19/2001 - 143 archive parts
06/11/2001 - 14 archive parts

Below is data for anime-related on-topic binary posts to alt.binaries.multimedia.repost:

06/03/2001 - 107 archive parts | 06/12/2001 - 150 archive parts
06/04/2001 - 104 archive parts | 06/13/2001 - 81 archive parts
06/05/2001 - 85 archive parts | 06/14/2001 - 82 archive parts
06/06/2001 - 207 archive parts | 06/15/2001 - 105 archive parts
06/07/2001 - 214 archive parts | 06/16/2001 - 143 archive parts
06/08/2001 - 192 archive parts | 06/17/2001 - 37 archive parts
06/09/2001 - 94 archive parts | 06/18/2001 - 92 archive parts
06/10/2001 - 103 archive parts | 06/19/2001 - 92 archive parts
06/11/2001 - 16 archive parts

This heavy traffic should be reduced with the centralization of such activity while staying active enough to remain a viable and productive newsgroup. Data from alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.repost was not taken as nearly all traffic there is currently being crossposted to alt.binaries.multimedia.repost and would therefore skew the results. This data reflects hand counted archive parts which have been verified as on-topic for a.b.m.a.r (they were verified to be reposts, fills or repacks and not just counted if they had one of those words in the subject). NFO, SFV, and on-topic text messages were not counted and the figures above are conservative, therefore, the true on-topic traffic is actually greater that the above figures.

A preliminary FAQ for this newsgroup can be found at:

Excerpts from the alt.config discussion can be found at:

Keikai (
Tobias Rieper (
Jiss (

Thank you for your consideration.

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