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Current Posting Activities


Posts are going to abat, the reposts are crossposted to abmar too.

- currently posting Tenchi Muyo in Love 2
- after this comes Daughter of Darkness


The following posts are only going to abmar. I'll never crosspost them to other groups. Why?
My intention with these posts is to increase the propagation of abmar. You don't get this group? Fine, so go and keep bugging your NSP 'till they add it. That's what i want...
If i'll make crossposts to other groups, you'll get the stuff there and there will be no demand for abmar. This is not my intention - and so i'm strict on this issue.
This may sound cruel, but sometimes you'll have to be hard to reach your goals. Sorry...

-currently posting nothing
-a repost of Lain and some Studio Ghibli Stuff (Kiki, Laputa, Mononoke...) is planned

The Or[Q]ymans Escaflowne reposts:

The Or[Q]yman posts The Vision of Escaflowne as subbed SVCDs in aba and abav these days. To help him with the fills, i'll do a full repost of each episode in abmar and abmr.

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