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Case 3

You got the usual short volume...

short volume's 90 bytes short this time...

volume view, it's offset 13DE00...

broken sector

...let's make a backup and insert the bytes...

insert bytes

...but at repairing, this happens:

we fucked up

Stop the repairing and take a look at the status window. What the f*** happened?
All following sectors are broken, so their offsets must be still wrong. The cause for this is, that there is not one "hole" of 90 bytes in the rar file, but two or more "holes".
What now? If you got this from usenet, you know, that there are always multiples of 45 bytes missing. So the hole at 13DE00 is maybe only 45 bytes.
Restore foobar.r00 from it's backup, and insert only 45 bytes.

insert 45 bytes

Now start a new repairing and look again at the satus window.

2nd try

Ignore, which sector is recovered and which is not - as long as not all "holes" are filled correctly and the size of the volume is ok, the recovery record works real bogus.
Just look at the offsets. The sectors after offset 13DE00 are okay - so it must be correct now. The next "hole" is at offset 372600 - fix it by inserting the remaining 45 bytes.

2nd fix

Now try a new repair...


Voila! Both holes are fixed...
If there are 135 bytes missing, you have 4 possibilities:
- one 135 byte hole
- two holes, first 45 bytes, second 90 bytes
- two holes, first 90 bytes, second 45 bytes
- three 45 byte holes

So, it can be a real pain to figure out all fixes.
A automatic proggy for this would be nice...

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